Buggy Motivator


Min Huei: Hey, wanna jog together tomorrow?
[Insert Person Here]: What time?
Min Huei: 6 a.m..
[Insert Person Here]: Go and die la!


Tell Him

Before this is forgotten, let's remember.


4.00 a.m. - Sleep, hoping to pay off the huge sleep debt.

7.30 a.m. - Wake up naturally without alarm.

Stupid circadian rhythm.

Old Passion

5. Malices (Singular, Malice)
20 years ago in the world of Tarot, evil was released into the world through a portal. That was when Malices were spawned. Most of them took the path of evil, but others hid and formed a unique race after the portal was closed, living among orks and dwarves.
They are demon-like creatures looking like liches. Around their face-part of their heads, they have tentacles running towards the rear base of their necks. They do not have eyeballs. Their nasal and mouth areas are bone-based and hard. They have nose slits and trapezium-shaped mouths that never close. Their tongues are long, stiff and able to cover their mouth openings. They have exoskeleton coverings on most parts of their bodies. Their hearts are located exactly in the centre of their bodies. They have sharp protruding bones sticking out of their heels. Most Malices have black skeletons and red skin and flesh. Their skin is made of semi-permeable membranes. Their flesh is made of a constantly moving stiff gel.
Size: Medium
Base land speed: 30 ft.
+2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence; Malices are bright and extremely inquisitive.
-2 Strength, -2 Dexterity; Malices are weak individuals and their exoskeleton areas obstruct movement.
-1 Racial Penalty to all skills requiring strength.
Soulsteal; Every time any opponent with blood is injured, Malices who are at least 10 feet from the opponent regains 1% of their total HP, rounded up. They gain at least 1 HP regardless of calculations.
Malices are not affected by illusions. They have the ability to perceive reality.
Malices are sensitive to bright light. In areas with bright light, their skeletons will meld to form a covering protecting their bodies. This ability is instantaneous and is activated even though they’re unconscious/stunned/etc. When covered in their exoskeletons, they lose all dexterity and armour bonuses to AC and gain +5 natural armour and magic damage reduction of (1 + Constitution Modifier)/level. They still retain magical armour bonuses. If somehow they are exposed to bright light and are unable to retract their protective exoskeleton, they lose 10 HP per minute. They cannot activate this ability when there is no brightness. They cannot act in their protective shells. The shell is instantaneously removed when the bright light dissipates.
Automatic Languages: Abyssal

LIKE WTH RIGHT!!! Good ol' days.

Semester 4

Semester 4 is officially over.


Time flew so fast, and at time I can barely catch up with it.

Then I was instructed to slow down.

And take in the scenery.

You might reach the end slower.

But the journey will be sweeter.

Thanks peeps!

Semester 5, bring it on!

The world is in chaos. In 30 minutes time, an atomic bomb will hit the area you live in. There is no time for escape and no where to hide. However, the government has build several vaults around the country which will protect people from the blast. Vault 18 has just enough room and food for 6 people to live in for 10 years, but there is 10 people who is on the list. The vault will only be opened after 10 years. The supervisor of the vault has to pick the 6 to be shortlisted to ensure the survival of mankind. You are the supervisor of vault 18.

This is the list of the 10 people:

1. A 19 year old gay professional violinist.
2. A 75 year old priest.
3. A 22 year old ex-prostitute.
4. A 35 year old female physician with past racial issues.
5. A 23 year old ex-militant with anger management problems. He owns a gun.
6. A 16 year old girl with delinquency issues and low IQ scores. She is pregnant.
7. A 40 year old African experienced male engineer with cancer.
8. A 12 year old boy with binge eating problems. He consumes 2 times the food of normal individuals.
9. A 20 year old female with mental depression and psychosis. Doctors say she has to be on continuous medication.
10. A 21 year old male who is the boyfriend of N0. 9. He strongly insists that he will not go into the vault without his girlfriend.

* All individuals are Caucasians unless dully noted.

Q1: Which 6 will you pick and why? (You MUST pick exactly 6.) (You have 30 minutes to decide, remember the bomb.)

Q2: If you were to be considered in the 6 people to be chosen, will you pick yourself? Why and why not?

1. You love God more than your partner. You have the unconditional love of God as the basis of your relationship and this will help to strengthen your bond.

2. Your partner does not belong to you. You belong to each other mutually without ownership.

3. You have faith in each other regardless of situations and circumstances.

Buying New Handphone?



First, look at this.

Compare that with this:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz
Gigabyte EP35-Ds3 Motherboard
2 X 2 GB Kingston PC800 RAM
250 GB Western Digital SATA HDD
20 X Pioneer DVD-RW SATA Drive
512 MB MSI 9600 GT (No toxic :O) (Better than the 3870 on multiple tests and ten times cheaper...)
Cooler Master Casing and Power
22" Wide Screen LG Monitor
Other peripherals

Getting it in the midst of exams. Happy me.

And whoever wants a new computer, buy it from ComputerWar. Seriously, you pay for what you get. No branding prices, no unnecessary customer services which you (usually) never will need.

And the weird thing is I don't think I'll even be maximizing the full potential of the new PC. I don't even play Crysis for goodness sake. At least I'm prepared when Fallout 3 comes. Bring it on!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

You are walking down a street.

Suddenly you notice someone.

"Hey, I know that person."

"Hmm, what was his name again?"

"Aha! I remember! He is ________"

"Should I say hi? Or wave?"

"But, I'm not exactly very close to him."

"He might think, 'Why in the world is this weird guy waving at me?'"

Suddenly he stares at you.

"Crap! I think he saw me. What am I supposed to do now?"

"Pretend not to notice him? Smile at him and wave? Walk in the opposite direction?"

"I know! I'll just wait for him to greet me and I'll do the same!"

Both walks closer.

"He hasn't noticed me yet."

Both pass each other.

"Is it safe to turn around yet? Better walk a little further just in case."

Walks some more before turning around. He isn't looking back. You turn around again.

"I guess he can't remember me anyway."




The other guy turns around.

"Shit, he doesn't remember me!"


The above scenario is a VERY COMMON situation many of us have already or will come across. If you are not aware of why it happens, you might feel naturally awkward. Be reminded that this is perfectly NORMAL and it happens more often than we think it will.

The truth is this:

People tend to assume that the other party will act first.
But they don't think that way about themselves.

Thus, both parties just ignore each other and start wondering why the other person is snobby/unfriendly/selfish/insert other forms of negative adjectives. Malaysians call it the "tidak-apa syndrome". Psychologists call it diffusion of responsibility and the fundamental attribution error. Chinese people call it "give face/bei min (my chinese suxxor)".

This doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it. It still boils down to a matter of choice. When you see someone you know by name, just say hi. I know it can sometimes be awkward (especially when they don't answer back or worse, give you the "who the %&#@ are you?" look), you'll be doing a favor to make this world a better place to live in.


Tomorrow, I'll be having a gathering at my house to celebrate my birthday at 8 pm. It's not a party, just a meet to chat with each other and catch up with everyone else. If you know me, call me to ask for directions/address. Or just call me at "8 1 6 4 3 2 2 7 1 0" in reverse (this is done to prevent phishers). Everyone is invited. I'm just too lazy to go through my phone book and email addresses. It doesn't mean I've forgotten about you.

15 Years Of Difference

What can happen in 15 years?

Case Study 1 - Mariah Carey



To be honest, I prefer young Mariah. She was profoundly touching when she started out her singing career and also more beautiful. At present, her image is the result of crass commercialization to modern values. And yes, I know abut the "Ken Lee" rage...

Case Study 2 - Celine Dion



Celine will always remain timeless with her voice. I feel that although her voice and style evolved with age, she remained true to her style and character. I feel sad that she is starting to lip-sync is some of her new concerts.

Case Study 3 - Whitney Houston



She was really, really angelic. I'm just happy that she got over her drug problem and is now on her journey back towards being a wonderful singer. And yes, Malaysians are crazy shouters.

My eyes are so tired and sore. It must be from all that crying. I don't see a problem with it, because it made me feel better.


April 7th - 5.30 p.m. - "Min Huei, Andrew Yap passed away."






2005 - Damansara Jaya Secondary School - I walk through the corridor wondering how my life as a secondary school student would end. I stare around, seeing people in the canteen eating and chatting away. I see groups studying for the big exam. I see groups sharing about their relationships with each other. I also see groups wondering around alone, living in their own world.

Then there was this one group.

They were the popular kids, the in-crowd.

But they weren't the stereotypical gang. They were genuinely attached to each other, knowing that they were going to be friends for life. And they treated anyone and everyone else with as much respect as possible.

Andrew was one of them.

Occasionally I would glance at them, and they would glance at me. And it ended there.






April 7th - 3.00 p.m. - "Good morning class. As we are ending the semester, we have come to a very interesting final lecture about death and dying."






April 2nd - 8.00 p.m. - Damansara Specialist Hospital - I see him lying on the bed in the ICU covered with bandages and tubes. I did not dare get closer in case I break down.






There was something magical about DJ. Although we might be part of different cliques, we still accepted each other as family, as part of the DJ bloodline. Andrew was a special kid lucky to have experience true friendship. Many of his close friends flew thousands of miles back just to pray for him. And although I may not know him at all and I may not be the person most fit to cry for him, I know that deep down I mourned sorrowfully. I mourned because I knew there was this special boy who made me understand how valuable life and love is.

Andrew, thank you.

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