Hope it works.

Yea, that's all. Sorry for the anticlimax.



It's exactly one week since I last blogged.

I promised to blog once I got over my examinations/assignments, but the truth is they will never end. In fact, the moments I were in a pro-blogging mood tend to be the same as the times when I was stressed/depressed/rejected/confused/worthless/insert-negative-adjectives.

And to be honest, even the happiest people have insecurities in their life, even if it's only a modicum. It's just that we don't seem to show it off. Trust me, we still need to vent at times.

By the way, I like to vent by talking to people about themselves. *hint* *hint*

Another reason why I haven't been blogging is because each time I start to write something, I do not feel that the post did any justice. It's like it seemed so darned imperfect. And to a near-perfectionist, it's not even close to being acceptable. Imagine wasting hours on something that will just go down the drain. [Insert Miss Winnee's cries of frustration when her students give her the WTF look.]

Perfectionism is sometimes a good thing; it helps us strive for something better and bigger than ourselves. And even if we do not hit the target right on mark, we still do better than if we just do things like-that-la. At other times, it's a curse. We make ourselves the toughest critic. We settle for NOTHING except the best

What's wrong with NOT being the best anyway?

Sometimes we just gotta learn the hard way that no matter what, we will only be imperfectly perfect. So, why not if we try to be perfectly imperfect instead?

If you have never tried it, take heed: it's just as difficult.

Oh sheesh, I don't know how to end this post.

Tempted to delete this whole load.

Oh crap, goodnite people.

P.S.: I lost my car keys in Mid Valley today. Luckily my car was at PS's place. Just want to record my thanks to Ju who sent me back to pick up my spares. I feel sorry for the guy who is walking in the Mid Valley carpark pressing the button and listening for the beep.

P.P.S.: I'm neglecting several people in my life now when I know I shouldn't. Just know that I still love you peeps!

A Wee Bit Longer

I want to update my blog, BUT seriously I need to get my assignment done and study for mid terms.

So, please wait a wee bit longer.

And my computer is still slugging, so I switched to using my dad's lappie. Sorry dad.

8 Comless Days

Yea, haven't used the computer in 8 days.

Now I'm trying to get everything sorted but the stupid computer has registry issues. Bugger.

Will post a clearer update once I get this fixed.

And thanks to all the crazy readers who still visited the site everyday although there wasn't anything new.

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