The GRACE Community Centre right outside my house was on fire today (might still probably be as I type this). No one's got a clue what happened, although we can only be sure after the fire's been put out and the cause of the fire is determined.

And all of this happened right as my friends and I were talking at my front gate.

I am also honored to be able to say that I called the fire brigade. After being stunned for a few seconds in case I actually am seeing a BBQ or something. And Instead of being overly busybody, I decided to blog about it. Heck, I didn't even bother taking a picture 'cause I'm not the kind of person to make something seem too chaotic.


Yea, there's gonna be a Japanese male student staying at my place for 3 weeks.

Appointment booking starts now.

Midway Point

People always stop you when you are getting to the best part.

Life sux.

Facebook For Dummies

To those of you who are less lifeless than me to use Facebook, I just created one.

Not to use it, but rather to make people continually hope that I would one day add them as a friend.

Like I have nothing else better to do with my time that to sit down in front of the computer and look at digital representations of another person, as if.



Sluggy Freelance

Welcome to HELP's-rotting-carcasses-of-doom.

July 20, 2008

To those who are still loyal enough (or lifeless enough) to check this blog, I'm still alive.

And I'm not interning during the holidays due to personal preferences. Let's just say I want to 'explore to the fullest my creative potential'.

Lately my computer seemed to give me a lot of headache so I had to reformat it. Might be a reason why I can't use Messenger properly.

Will update soon.


Come see them this Thursday.

Just leave a message here and I'll provide everything you need: transport and food.

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