Midway through a haircut.

Hairstylist (With an exasperated look from attempting to thin the bush on my head): You got so much hair la.
Me (Duh-reply): I know...

Farewell Ally!

If you love someone enough, you will tell them the truth although it might hurt.

If there was anyone who lived by this quote, it was Miss Alison Hiew.

This year she is going off to Australia to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. This means we won't be seeing her for probably another 2 years.

So, we had a farewell dinner together, in conjunction with Hazel's birthday.

This is what a farewell gift looks like in E12.

Looks alike?

Group pic.

Telling lame-Ally-jokes.

Sherene: Really meh!?!?!

Hot ocha vs. cold ocha.

Hazel's b'day card.

Zoom in on the card.

Saying grace.

Sherene's pouting pose.

Talk to the hand!

The T-shirt says it all.


Adrian Joseph and Eng Kim.

Josh: Huh?

Cam-whore pros.

Wai Bin.

Jess' candid shot.

We prefer Mastercard. But E12 prefers cash.

Interior Design of Ajisen Ramen.

Love triangle.

Random shot.

Lame joke.

Julian can't count. Sherene posing in top left corner.

Josh acting cool.

Talk to the hand #2!


Happy b'day girl.

The next day, I went to pick my sister up at the airport. Coincidentally, Ally was still there a few minutes before my sister arrived. What were the chances?

Leaving in minutes, but still want lecturing me.


Final picture together.

Heading to the terminal.

So, she's back in KK now and she'll be going off to Australia in February. Give her a call and ask her how she's doing!

E12 will really miss this great individual, but we know God has better plans laid out for her. God bless you Ally!

It's been a long time since I last blogged, so let's make this update a long cam-whore version. My cell group, E12 went to Malacca for a food trip on the 10th of January. The entourage consisted of Sherene, the legendary CG leader, Hazel, Ally, Kevin, Liza, Joshua, Julian, Sabrina and I. We also had a special guest appearance by Eng Kim!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it only seemed right if I started a food trip by having good food.

Eggy-in-a-Basket. Not suitable for the cholesterol-conscious person.

After picking Kevin up, we met at the the departure point at Hazel's house.

Sherene pretending to be a signpost.

As usual, Malaysian timing kicks in.

Where are the rest?

Guilty party trying to hide in the car.

Everyone retreated to the toilet before we started on the journey.

Eng Kim emulates Sherene's signpost.

Heading out from Hazel's jungle to Malacca.

The 2 queen bees. Notice Julian at the back.

Finally we headed out. The journey to Malacca took about 1 and a half hours.

Inside Eng Kim's car.

Stopped at the Air Keroh toll plaza. Sherene's in heaven while eating my muffin.

Air Keroh isn't very 'Keroh' anymore...

Passed by the infamous Tan Kim Hock.

We finally reached our destination at the Stadhuys and parked around the corner. Everyone immediately jumped off the car and stretched, longing to satisfy their hunger pangs. When Eng Kim exited the car,


the local birds decided to give him a warm welcome. (No pun intended.)

After cleaning up, we headed for Jonker's Street.

Heading to food paradise. Look at Ally on the right...

The Beggar. No one donates to people wearing Crocs.

We arrived at our first spot: Chicken Rice Balls. I was excited because it was my first time eating this supposedly popular dish.

Sabrina looks like she is about the kill someone.

I always grade chicken rice in this order of elements: the chili, the rice, then the chicken. The chili was excellent! I thought the balls were a little small though. (Again, no pun intended.) The chicken was tender but still chewy. What a great start to a food trip.

Everyone offered to pay for the whole meal. Everyone won.

You can come visit this place like we did.

At the entrance of Jonker's Street, there was a strange looking sculpture that everyone couldn't resist cam-whoring with.



Sabrina and Ally: KILL!!! Josh: WTH.

We made our second stop at a Cendol and Baba-Nonya store. It might look like an ordinary small shop from the outside, but when we got inside we were greeted by the amazing ambience.

Sitting amidst old typewriters, scales and urns.

Skylight area. (Too lazy to rotate the pictures.)

3 Variations of the Durian Cendol.

The cendol was really refreshing and the durian was heavenly, but the real star of the day was the authentic and rich Gula Melaka.

They even had old posters of Teresa Teng while her music is being played.

Eating like the locals.

The unused stairs decorated with old irons.

Ancient lanterns.

Old calender girls.

Bruce Lee poster.

Next, everyone ate Baba laksa but I opted for the rendang curry noodles. 10 stars out of 10 for the unique sour taste from the lemongrass, the thick and rich broth as well as the tender chicken rendang.

I love curry.

After the meal, we shopped the entire length of Jonker's street, which has accessories and clothing which I actually like more compared to the generic brands in KL. Too bad I didn't get anything, because nothing seemed to yell for my attention.

Where to go?

Finding more food.

Next, we stopped at a small tart shop for another breather.

Fake money.

Strawberry cheese tart vs. ordinary cheese tart.

The Diva caught with a sour face.

OMGNESS. Look at Hazel in the background...

I had space for my glasses under that big thing.

The Durian Cendol in this stall had better durian flesh, but the Gula Melaka was not so rich as the previous stall. The Otak-Otak was deliciously spicy.

Round 2.

Don't ask...

Nostril cam-whore.

We moved along, and guess what I found in one old antique store?

An old Gu Zheng.

The Holy Spirit flying towards heaven.

Sherene's solo.

Julian's silhouette shot.

Using Ally's sunglasses as a filter for the lens flare effect.


Left alone and forgotten.


We finally decided to head back to KL. Nothing is better than taking some posing shots.


More posing.

By the time we took this shot, we blocked the traffic for almost 5 minutes...

Julian Buddha.

The locals' new toilet.

Rainbow on the way back.

We reached back at Hazel's place for a short rest



The side-stare of doom.

Practice for CG tomorrow.

before heading out for dinner. We tried Williams, but

there weren't any space left.

So, we decided to give our business to Ming Tien food court.

Final meal of the day.

Dry curry noodles and lotus pau.

Overall, I enjoyed myself very (by the power of infinity) much.

I really want to thank everyone who made this outing a success. Special thanks to Eng Kim, who despite being our VIP guest, became our chaffeur as well.

I look forward to the next trip.

E12 out!

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