If you are still reading this (and I'm not talking to those spambots out there), congratulations for being faithful and here is your reward:

Piano Needs Tuning

I nickname it this:

"Nyanyian Sumbang Kemerepekan"

Yea, really. Anyone has a tuner number?

Miracle Draft

Truly, it cannot be by my hands alone.

To those who kept me in prayer (you know who you are), thanks!

As I Feared

It happened. It's not like I didn't see it coming, but I really hoped for something better.

Yet, I believe that it will be more than this.

My Precious

Here are two choices:

1. Beautiful girl

2. Ugly girl

Assuming you keep everything constant (including relational capabilities, personality and other individual variables), who would you choose to be your mate.

I might choose the Ugly girl.

Not because I feel sympathy for her.

Or because no one else wants her.

But because it could be that little unnoticed pebble on the road which is my precious.

Yes, it might be a little shoddy. And yes, it might not even be a selfless nor selfish decision.

But you know and you know, that you have chosen because you decided to.

And that made all the difference.

Would you make the same choice?

Thesis Drafted

Yes, it is done.


I quote:

"By the way, I want you to know that if you want to give me a thesis draft, though officially we only grade the thesis paper, I will remember your draft & when giving you your final thesis paper grade, will also include your grade for the draft. So your final thesis paper grade = grade for draft (s) + grade for thesis paper. This is because the draft is your only original piece of work. Once I review it & give my comments, edit your sentences, part of the thesis paper becomes mine. The more I edit, the more it is actually my writing & not yours. As such, it is not fair for me to ignore your drafts & simply grade you on the final thesis paper. And it is important for you
> to be aware of this so that when you write the draft, you are not simply writing nonsense. Even though it is a draft, for you, it should be your best work."

Please note the bold and red word and join me in the lament.

Kudos to May Shi for the warning, but seriously, I don't know who this is:





anyone there

can you hear me




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